Empava Luxury Modern Bathroom Freestanding Bathtub EMPV-FT1511-1500

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Quick Overview:- Outer dimension: 59" L x 29.52" W x 22.83" D
- Material: 100% glossy white acrylic
- Drain and overflow included, tub filler excluded
- Effective capacity: 210l
- CUPU certified, 1 year limited parts warranty

Lightweight and strong, acrylic tubs are easy to move compared to traditional cast iron material. The acrylic material is molded, then reinforced with fiberglass for greater warmth retention and strength. Acrylic is designed to be highly resistant to stains because the material is not porous like porcelain. It scratches easier than a porcelain enamel surface but the scratches can be more easily repaired. With a high gloss finish, similar to the enameled look on cast iron, the acrylic bathtub has a majority of the benefits of cast iron without the weight. With a freestanding tub, you're able to place it anywhere it fits and in any room. The acrylic freestanding tubs are lightweight so they are easier to maneuver into position once it's final resting place is determined. None of our acrylic freestanding tubs have predrilled holes for a faucet. Instead, use a floor or bathroom wall mounted faucet with or without a hand shower. The convenience of purchasing and owning a freestanding bathtub are limitless to the homeowner, builder and/or designer.

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