At Empava, we believe that everyone’s life at home should give them an absolute joy. Your home is your sanctuary and refuge from life’s storms and stresses.



The Latest in High-End Kitchen and Bath Appliances

Founded in Los Angeles in 2015, we began with the thought that people like you might appreciate our passion if we could elevate the quality of appliances available on the market today. Turns out, we were right. As a result, we have become one of the fastest-growing appliance manufacturers in the United States.


Supremely Functional Accompaniments To A Life of Richness And Gratification

Each of our unique product lines is really more than simple home appliances. Think of them as a way to improve the quality of your every-day life; as something versatile that can bring both luxury and leisure to you on a regular basis.


Everything happens in the kitchen.

Every Empava oven, range top, and kitchen product is genuinely world-class. The US-engineered with exceptional quality, importing the best in technology. Enjoy authentic American cuisine with a new twist!


Take A Spa Day Whenever You Want

Our premium line of tubs, jacuzzis, and saunas will allow you to fulfill your taste for the finer things of life and relax any day, any time. Our engineers have accounted for every conceivable convenience and luxury so that you can cleanse and wash away the stress of your day in complete serenity. 


US Engineered, warranty guarantee on all Products

Our passion for engineering means that we find a way to incorporate details that delight, while following through on the promises of privilege, practicality, and prestige. We Stand behind our products 110% percent with our lifetime parts warranty.



You can find Empava in large retail outlets; however, our primary focus is on partnering with eCommerce companies who can help deliver our exceptional-quality appliances through the world wide web. But one thing remains certain. Whether we are delivering luxury appliances like Jacuzzis, bathtubs, or everyday kitchen mainstays like ovens and stovetops. We always guarantee our product safely delivered to you. Our return and exchange policy sincerely arranged for you. we want to make sure you enjoy the best shopping experience.



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