Male Photographer


There's nothing more exciting than adding new appliances to your beautiful home! Grab your camera and capture your greatest masterpiece. Submit your comment and pictures, Get a $50 gift card from us.

Terms & Conditions


1. Submissions must be completed through this submission page.


3. One gift card per submission.

4. This program only valid for products above $100 or equivalent value (excluding special offer items).

5. Submitter must leave the comment on the retailer platform and submit the screenshot of the published comments in the form. We will send the $50 retailer gift card after we verify submitter‘s comments and images. (Gift card retailer might vary)

6. Must show the layout of the kitchen/bathroom, overall style, implementation of Empava appliance(s). Submitting multiple images with different angles will be accepted. Submit the best quality image(s) you have of your kitchen/bathroom with an emphasis on Empava product(s).


7. All submissions submitted featuring Empava Appliances product(s) will be subject to sharing on Empava Appliances social media pages, website, and partnered channels websites. By submitting your entry, you waive the right to any compensation arising out of, or related to your image(s). Additionally, the images submitted are subject to be altered or edited for purposes of publicizing Empava Appliances products and company.

Empava Appliances Inc. reserves all rights for final explanation.